"Each person has the potential of making a positive impact on the world. It all depends on what you do with what you have."

We are a small company but see the importance of a sustainable mindset - no matter the size - as key. We want to create our future based on sustainable solutions and show how much we care! Most companies and customers think sustainability is expensive but together with the University of Amsterdam and a group of green-minded students we did our homework and found out that it's not! We are only at the beginning of our sustainability mission but we are committed to have a big impact - not only with our philosophy and the impact superfoods can have on our health but also with a positive impact on the planet. 

PACKAGING: We offer most of our products in glass jars that can be refilled. The jars are made out of recycled glass. Our refill pouches are plastic and resealable but will be also available in a plastic-free option. 

Sustainable sourcing options

SOURCING: We care for our customers health and are committed to use only best quality ingredients. Despite of being a small company, we know we can make a difference. Our suppliers guarantee and regularly test the ingredients we buy. We are very careful with using organic certified, vegan, non-GMO quality and aim to establish a direct connection with local farmers as soon as we have the buying power.

environment friendly delivery

DELIVERY: We are working on changing our delivery options to sustainable ones that use bike couriers or electric cars. You will have options to choose from when placing your order!


We had a lot of fun along the way and I was able to learn what younger generations care for when choosing products - based on that knowledge, this page was created and more changes in our strategy will be applied!

Keep your eyes open because we are on a mission to solve health problems of humans with superfoods while improving our planet health, too!

Big thank you to Zlata, Pauline, Giorgia, Peiyu and Linde for their amazing work!