MY SUPERFOOD PHARMACY is here to solve health problems with superfoods in a natural, sustainable and plant-based way. We believe that Mama Earth and the plants she provides are a very powerful antidote and remedy to most of our modern world diseases.

We use organic certified ingredients and make sure all of them comply with highest standards and are tested regularly. No fillers, no BS, just the best nature has to offer!

My vision is to enable people live a healthier and better quality of life by making small and simple changes every day. The products I am mixing, are meant to make those habits easier and allow you to take care of your health on a daily basis. 
A few years ago, I was the most unhealthy version of myself: no balance in life, no healthy habits and purely focused on my perfect career until a severe burn-out 4 years ago forced me into a full stop after 12 years of high-paced corporate life.
I needed to admit to myself that I was dealing with a heavy eating disorder and multiple allergies due to my malnutrition of so many years. This happened when I was 36. 

And this is how I started recovery: with conventional medicine trying to get the job done - unfortunately with very little results.

It took a while for me to realize that western medicine never really treats the cause but only the symptoms. No one ever looked at my lifestyle choices to see that solving the symptoms is worthless.

On my quest for something different, I came across Macrobiotics. This is a way of teaching a holistic lifestyle connecting the mind, body and soul and striving for balance in all aspects. It spoke to me. I started studying, living it, cooking for me and others and sharing my knowledge.

And I started to pair superfoods with my macrobiotic lifestyle and could see my recovery and energy levels going exponential. My food allergies started to improve and after almost 15 years I was able to eat gluten again!

I couldn't stop: I experimented more, read all available research and mixed my own mixes and more and more people turned to me with symptoms as they could see how much better I was doing.

I was stunned how much impact I had already - and I felt deep inside that this was something I truly believed in. I sat down and formulized the blends, found suppliers who offer really good organic quality, and launched the website. And until today I still mix all the blends mostly myself!

This is only a bit more than a year ago and was the first step of MYSUPERFOODPHARMACY.COM

Thank you for stopping by and feel free to reach out if you have any questions! I answer them personally and am always interested in your story and what brought you here!

k@mysuperfoodpharmacy.com or via whatsapp +57-305 3403 644

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May the superfood power be with you!

Love, K