Delicious Magic Bliss Balls!

Delicious Magic Bliss Balls!

I wanted to share with you a delicious recipe using one of our favourite signature blends: BEYOND COFFEE!

“These little and powerful snacks are great to keep your energy stable throughout the day and keep you going in all those extra sprints we need a energy boost the most!”


- 50g oats.
- Pinch of salt.
- 2 tsp of BEYOND COFFEE.
- 50g hazelnuts plus 20g more for decoration.
- 25g cocoa nibs.
- 150g date paste.
- 50g nut butter of your choice (I mostly use sunflower seed butter because it has a slightly roasted taste).
- 30g rice syrup or another healthy sweetener.
- 50g of good quality chocolate to decorate the balls!


Roast the oats and hazelnuts and let them cool down, chop them up.
Add date paste, nut butter, and rice syrup, and get ready for some kneading.
Form balls in a good size. Melt the chocolate in a small pot. Sprinkle the melted chocolate on top of the balls and decorate it with some roasted hazelnut pieces. 
Enjoy these powerful little snacks and eat them when you need a little extra energy boost to be productive during the day!

With love,